Garske Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH Trucks – Trailers & Agrar is a company involved in the commercial vehicle trade, which operates internationally. It has been lead by Matthias Garske for more than 20 years. Due to experience and enthusiasm of the owner, the company has managed to gain decent reputation among its partners.

Garske Trucks & Trailers is loyal to its main business principle of honest cooperation and the expert advice. About 50 used vehicles at the platform of over 10,000 square meters are regularly available for purchase. International partnership is welcomed and supported. Matthias Garske is always ready to help with export formalities. (For all the enquires regarding new and used vehicles it’s also possible to contact Mrs Saul via +49 04166/844876 or +49 0171/204 92 48).

We provide a guarantee of excellent condition of our construction and agricultural machinery as well as commercial vehicles of all kinds. And we are open to expert assessment by independent specialists.

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